Saturday, February 16, 2008


I've somehow managed to start up a team at work for the Relay for Life. We had thought about participating last year, but we all managed to get caught up in the usual flow of life. Thanks to some peer pressure/arm twisting, we already have our team of 8. No one seems to want the 2 am shift (the goal of the relay is to have someone from your team walking/running the entire time and our event last from 6 pm on a Friday till noon the day day), but we'll see. I think if we can get everyone hanging out and cheering and supporting their teammates, it might not be that bad. The track set up should be beautiful - they always set up some of those lovely luminaria in memory of survivors and those we've lost.

A totally awesome friend from NYC is visiting. She got in late last night and has hopefully found her way towards other friends and adventures. I'm such a horrible host sometimes. AK and I never really do much getting out and exploring (since our days off are spent catching up on sleep or errands) and I'm never quite sure what to do. Happily his parents left us some guidebooks from the last time they visited, so I'm sure we'll be occupied. I mean, we could just spend the day in Powell's.... Tomorrow is already slated to be crazy (good weather notwithstanding). Running in the morning as usual, followed by an alumni interview at 3 (we interview students for admissions) and then bingo volunteering (two hours pouring coffee and wiping tables and trying not to inhale too much cigarette smoke). Monday is a sweet blissful day of rest and no classes for AK. I predict too much coffee and plenty of talking.

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