Monday, February 18, 2008

4 mi.

On Sunday I ran 4 miles straight for the first time. I think my time was around 42 minutes plus, which still means that I'm on track for a 10 min. mile. A coach of ours once said that a fencer would have the perfect level of aerobic strength for a full tournament (pools plus multiple DEs) if they could do 4 miles in 4 minutes. I have noticed that I am a bit stronger while fencing - I don't crap out quite as quickly and honestly don't feel all that exhausted afterwards.

Yesterday was incredibly busy and rather excellent. The guest and I made it to the Japanese Gardens, which were absolutely beautiful and peaceful in the late morning sun. On the way back downtown, I was called out as a VC grad. Apparently she (Class of '98) saw my ring when I was pushing the button to call the elevator for the Max. Her companion looked confused and she explained it to him: "It's the ring. You know... one of us, one of us...." Speaking of VC, I interviewed a wonderful girl yesterday as well. She's very smart and very capable, so I'm sure she'll get in somewhere fabulous.

After too much coffee and too much talking about the alma mater, the guest and I saw Persepolis. It felt a bit condensed (natural, I suppose, since she fit both books into 1.5 hrs or so). Certain events were somehow more powerful when given a human voice. With the distance of the page and that caricatured nature of the work I could give myself some space from what were rather tragic and terrible moments.

A good day over all, even with a late night of bingo volunteering. Today has been very chill - tea and reading and laundry and taking long walks to absorb more and more of the delicious warm sun. I really hope that spring is here to stay... but this is Portland.

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