Saturday, February 09, 2008


Since I have happily made headway into #7 of the Manual (everything that is Consortium Borrowing Processing!), I feel I can take a moment to start a few games on Scrabulous and to drink some tea and update this thing.

As three of you may have noticed, I just resurrected the blog I made up towards the end of my time in London with the intention of turning it into a knitting/running/not really fencing because AK already does the fencing talkies thing on the interwebs on his Xanga/library blog of amazing. Of course I have no idea what the hell to write it in, but did manage to spend plenty of time arranging the fonts and link colors (clearly the most important aspect of Starting Your Blog TM). I'm hoping that inspiration will strike now that I've carved out some space for myself in the apartment.

Those of you who knew me in college (again, the three of you) know that I liked to clean and arrange my dorm room and then hide out there with books and tea and stress all the live long day. I am a bit of a solitary person, which I attribute to being stuck with a sister since conception. Make that solitary and multitasking with a love of background noise. I wrote my last set of scholarship essays (THE LAST) to the sounds of a washer, dryer, Emma Thompson's award winning version of Sense and Sensibility, and AIM pings. Oh, and a short phone call from my mother.

Realizing that my scholarship essays must be written and that I find it absolutely impossible to write in the living room, I decided to annex a portion of the bedroom. I took advantage of the Super Bowl and an uninspiring first half to make my move (AK has a room of his own, so no worries there). Thus a few days ago I composed a 300-word reduction of myself on small table from Ikea on my now ancient lap top. The table is set where a never-finished-let-alone-started archive project used to collect dust and it can fold out for when I hopefully start my MLIS program and will need the room for printouts and tea cups. Right now there's just the computer, some flowered coasters (wedding gift from a British friend), an old Pom glass with pens and a bone folder, and my paper journal. It's nice to walk into a closed off space to find all your tools waiting for you. There's a comfy chair next to the set up for when I decide that knitting or reading. Really it's an ideal setup and it simply confirms that I have no idea how to decorate or create outside of a dorm room sized space.

Now that the space has been created (and we can dispense with the 500 pounds a year), the words should start flowing. Right?

Moving on, I have a 5k tomorrow: the Fanconi 5K. Since I've been running again for not quite a month, I'll just be happy to finish without stopping and hopefully in under an hour. We'll see. It should be a lovely run - the area around the waterfront is really beautiful to run through.

Knitting-wise I'm woefully behind on the Super Sekrit Project, but that should pick up this week once taxes are done and FAFSA in in.

Here's hoping I can keep this up....

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