Monday, April 26, 2010


My mind, and my blogging, has been elsewhere of late. I'm in the midst of an incredible class on RDA (which requires its own blogging component and can be read here). The class is both wonderful and intense. I'm learning so much, but at such a pace that I can't quite spit it out into coherent sentences yet. This time last year I first learned about FRBR and Dublin Core, and now I find myself right in the middle of it (and the RDA vocabularies, and the Semantic Web and half a million other thoughts). Maybe this time next year I'll have it sorted for you all.

Add to this another class on systems, my attempts to fence regularly again, the Herculean effort of finalizing and organizing AK's summer camp schedule (*fingers crossed for Coaches College*), and impending end of the year at work and end of the fencing season and its no wonder I open a post here and then five minutes later find myself in the middle of a crossword puzzle.

But on the plus side, I have pomegranate molasses butter cake.