Saturday, March 07, 2009


When I applied for my current job over three years ago (how did that happen??), I was uncertain that I could take to a job whose schedule is primarily Tuesday through Saturday. I soon learned to embrace the brilliance of shopping and running errands early on Monday mornings and spending the Sabbath as I think was originally intended, essentially curled up in bed with novels and without worrying about work the next day. I love being virtually alone in our apartment complex on Monday mornings - the same feeling of mischievous quietude that filled the dorms where I lived during Fall and Summer breaks. There's something just so pleasing about knowing that you're by yourself in a space meant to house so many others. It's almost bested by the frisson of surprise that courses down your spine when you do run into someone else (tinted pink by embarrassment if you've been singing Guster at the top of your lungs before you turned that corner).

Because of Spring Break (whoooooo!) and the brilliant comping of time for ACRL, I not only find myself off on a Saturday morning, but on a Saturday morning that begins a three-day weekend. I had originally planned to wake up with AK and join him at his Vancouver class, but the idea of finishing a novel for the first time in two months while drinking fresh coffee in a silent (if somewhat messy) apartment was too good to pass up. He'll forgive me if we can manage to get into a showing of Watchmen tonight.

It's not a decadent and leisurely a day as I would like - I keep forgetting that the quarter isn't yet over. So the rest of today will feature coding and grounded theory homework and finishing the draft of a final project, but I am still determined to fit in both a run and a hot bath. A few hours to myself - in the tub, on the road, at my desk - is the sort of treat I allow myself lately. Not that I was a bit spender before the economy decided to start tanking (the box set of Little Britain was completely justified, though). I just like having space of my very own, space to fill with my own stuff and my own thoughts and my own ITunes and my own empty mugs. I'm not sure if it's nature or nuture - am I predisposed to this from my genes or from having shared a womb/room with a twin sister?

This is cleary something that should be contemplated in the tub.

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