Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ACRL - Preconferencing

Tonight I'm tying together the last bits of final projects (oh, purposive sampling, how you vex me!) and avoiding the empty suitcase on the floor that should be filled up with clothes for the trip to Seattle tomorrow. I should probably also do practical things like get together snacks for the road trip, gather up extra business cards and think of a classy way to store them other than banded in my pocket, and then locate and pack away my conference schedule so I won't forget it.

Or maybe I'll update my blog.

At least my iPod is fully charged and full loaded?

I am nervous about what is essentially my first professional conference. There's a lot going on, both in terms of the actual presentations and the socializing and networking in the evenings. There's the desire not to miss anything fighting against the anxiety that it will be all too much to take in. There are a number of programs that look like they could be really valuable (on topics like student workers, tagging, the role of support staff), but do I want to sit back and take it all in or be the crazy girl furiously scribbling notes. I used to be an inveterate note taker, but I'm relaxing more of late. Or maybe my handwriting has simply deteriorated too far.

The sensible thing would be to go to the first time attendees introduction, but there's something almost too organized about that for my taste. Maybe I will just have to quiz my ride (an experienced professional) and maybe compose an entry on this very topic in the future.

But right now I really need to pack something.

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