Saturday, February 14, 2009

James I

The Husband and I are in the middle of what I like to call "Everyone Makes a Films About the Tudors, with bonus points for extra Glenda Jackson". So far we've seen all of The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Elizabeth R, Elizabeth (Dr. Who and James Bond chat on a beach!), and Elizabeth:The Golden Age. A few weekends ago we watched Anne of a Thousand Days and Mary, Queen of Scots. So much delicious period British drama.

The latter film got me thinking about James I, Elizabeth's successor to the throne and the Golden Age. He just seems ripe for dramatic adaptation, especially in a post-Freudian world. He had what I would consider a troubled childhood - mother exiled, father murdered, and you're King of Scotland by the age of one. He composed works on the ideology of monarchy, survived the Gunpowder plot and Spain. And then it all falls apart with Charles I.

But who to cast? Do we start with his youth or his ascension to the throne? Guy Fawkes would have to show up so people could go "Oh, that's that guyyyyy!" Do we go till his death, with some foreshadowing of the Civil War? Someone really needs to work this out for me. What has Alison Weir been up to lately?

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Anonymous said...

Hadn't thought about it, but you're right. James VI would make a good modern film subject. I think you might want to set up his birth, and then skip ahead to the point where his mother's imprisoned by Elizabeth and he's all 'I <3 Latin".