Monday, February 16, 2009

A bag of rock salt

Like most people who claim to be of the geeky persuasion, I have a difficult relationship with George Lucas. The Star Wars Trilogy - the Original - ranked among my favorites growing up. I saved for the VHS box set and to this day will put them on when I'm sick or cranky or when background noise that's not Absolutely Fabulous is required. I listened patiently to his ramblings when required to watch The Power of Myth for a course on Arthurian legends. I just ignored the prequel trilogy (except for the third, which I saw with a friend while studying in London on a hot summer's day).

But now he's gone too far.

Because I ignored most of the prequels, I missed out on Jocasta Nu. Happily she was brought to my attention via a lecture on reference interviewing for my program.

She is the ultimate in old librarian stereotype. Let's run through the list:

  • Old woman with possibly witchy tendencies
  • Disapproving mouth and attitude
  • Tight bun, complete with sticks for stabbing out your eyes once you realize, Luke, she is your mother
  • The belief that all of the knowledge of the world (that matters anyway) is contained within her own collection and you are wrong, sir!
  • The willingness to say "Nope, nothing doing" after a 10 second interview.
Fantastic! I mean, it's not Lucas' fault entirely that he's relying on one note characters to not really progress the non-existing plot forward. Is it?

Annoying, but I won't kill him with a shovel at midnight.


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