Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

Since the past few months have been filled with a metric ton of whinging, bitching, moaning ,and panic attacks, here a list of things that are somewhat awesome.

  1. Netflix streaming video on the XBox 360.
  2. My friend and cohort member Maria(h) for providing a place to bitch and much fun.
  3. My group members for being diligent, responsible, and quick with the emoticons.
  4. The sweet soul who uploaded a ton of Dylan Moran to YouTube.
  5. The sweet souls who uploaded Q.I. to YouTube.
  6. My New York/East Coast friends who love from afar.
  7. The Nursing Department at UP.
  8. My family, who don't care that I can't do much in the way of Christmas presents.
  9. A washer and dryer in the apartment.
  10. A fridge full of food.
  11. Steady rent money and benefits.
  12. Charles Dickens.
  13. Jane Gardam.
  14. Stephen Fry.
  15. Junot Diaz.
  16. Explosions/ridiculous races on Top Gear.
  17. A husband who loves unconditionally, laughs easily, and who can brew a proper pot of tea.
  18. Parry two ripostes.
  19. Vladimir Horowitz.
  20. Coffee.

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