Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blissful 3 Day Weekend

I love national holidays and the extra days off they provide.

Sunday I was up early and in Forest Park with part of the running group. It was muddy and rainy and wonderful (except for the part where I tried to crawl down a slick hill that was at about 45 degrees, because I have no sense of balance and hate falling down.. good times!). My shoes were trashed - I had to rinse them out and then leave them in front of the dryer. My hamstring gave out around 7.75 miles, but then I walked another 3 miles out of the trail.

It's hard to realize the mileage I'm capable of now, especially when you compare it to how little I could accomplish when I first started back in January. I'm still a bit nervous about adding extra mileage because I can't seem to find a consistent running groove. I'll have fantastic days and terrible days and nothing in between. I'm not quite sure what makes the fantastic days fantastic, so it's hard to replicate. Is it sleep? Training? What I've eaten? Obviously over training is an issue for me; I know that my body is unhappy if I try to run two days in a row (which is something I'd like to get over by slowly adding more workouts). My hamstring on my right leg is also a factor as well, due most likely to the fencing and my en garde.

What else to mention? Devoured two novels by Michel Houellebecq, but I'm still not sure what I think of him. I love John Banville's prose, but am still uncertain about his plots. I've also found the energy/interest to knit again. Huzzah.


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