Monday, April 21, 2008


I've been too busy with life to do much updating lately.

Yesterday I slept in accidentally and missed the big Sunday run. My running partner knocked, but since we have stupid, stupid woodpeckers attacking the side of our bedroom, I didn't wake up. Good times. They did 8 miles in the cold and the rain, so I'm not really feeling all that bad. In the afternoon I went out and did 30 minutes at a hard and fast pace. Today I got up and joined the aforementioned running partner on a 7.25 trek (walking and running) to the Portland Running Company so she could get fitted for shoes and then back. I invested in a fancy pair of running shorts and two fancy bras specifically designed for those of us who are flat (they had a line of bras for the less-than-well-endowed called "Handfuls" that I wanted to buy just for the name, but they're not recommended for more than a couple of miles, so I picked something else).

Today is basically laundry and sulking at the sweater I'm making for AK (the process for picking up the stitches for the pocket on the front is admittedly clever, but it's intensely frustrating). And napping. Napping sounds like an excellent plan.

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